Wednesday, July 15, 2009


That Ted Williams documentary I mentioned a while ago is on tonight. 9:30, HBO.

I just watched it........any story that can make you laugh, angry and cry in 90 minutes is worth watching....
Damn, meant to DVR that and forgot.
It'll be on again though.
Williams is my favorite, well, him and Yaz. WWII vet, like my dad, Red Sock, last .400, etc. etc.
Picked up a nice shadow box at one of the Columbus Ave shows we did way back when with him as the theme. Painted in Fenway green, couple old photos, including baseball and military uniforms, copies of newspaper clippings, etc. The guy was a neat fellow, from the Boston area. Did mostly old jazz stars, but also several Sox and only Dimaggio and Mantle from the Yanks. Oh, maybe Berra too, I forget. Cathy knew how much I liked Ted, and it is pretty well done, so it was the only baseball art piece that got to stay in the living room with the "nice" stuff. The rest is scattered elsewhere, mostly in my office area.
I wonder if the folks in Scranton are Yankees fans or Phillies fans. It's an MFY team, but they are in PA, probably Phillies or Pirates. I haven't been to a AAA game in 3 or 4 years, and I want to see another park, so I'm thinking about a detour on my way home from Boston.

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