Thursday, July 09, 2009

KC At The Shat

We really blew that one. A 4-0 lead early against the Royals, and we chimp out. Tie for first.

Yankee fans are confident because history shows us they've won the World Series more recently, won a division more recently, and don't choke in October. Oh wait. That's us! (Except in their minds, where something far different from reality exists.)

Our boy "Mayes" on Extra Bases tonight said the Royals second baseman on that error "ranged to his right" (it was his left) and said Papi's homer went to "the deep part of the Monster." The ball hit over the O in Covidien, which is dead-centered on the Monster. I'd call to the right of the right light tower the "deep part," not a point LESS than halfway out.... the guy just doesn't know his Fenway or his baseball.
Yucky game apparently.
Glad I was out drinking, the wrap gives me the impression I would have been frustrated as hell watching. I've had enough of that on the LL field latly. We keep starting out great but just can't finish games.
We (back to the Sox now) need to survive this little mini slump with 1st place still intact. And by slump I mean - not "quite as hot as the Yankees" streak. We're still winning most series we play, but losing 2 to Seattle was "anti-good", and this is a most inauspicious start against the lowly Royals. Bet we win the next 2 though.
And I've long ago stopped paying much attention to media guys. Pretty much just background noise. It was different when there were a few guys in the sports world who covered that entire world. With so few the ones who made it the public eye tended to be the cream of the crop. Not always, (see "Billy Packer", but usually. Now it seems there's a dozen in every podunk town, and hundreds in the big cities. There's going to be a lot of mediocrity with those numbers.
I'll take Allan's analysis and your commentary over most of them.
I try to just enjoy the game, regardless of whether the media thinks I was supposed to or not
I liked Justin Masterson a lot better when he didn't suck.

On a totally different note, I really love the Royal's road uniforms. Yeah, I know, they mostly ripped off the Dodger's colors and font back in 1969, but that 'Kansas City' in script looks gorgeous.

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