Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I'm Not Prepared For This New Miracle Whip World

Have you noticed Miracle Whip is going all "Henderson Valley Eggs" on us? Fuck you, grandma! Now there's a...uh....whip for MY generation!!!

I miss this guy.

And speaking of commercials, you know that Red Sox Kid Nation one with the little girl at the press conference? Well, there's a new one with another little girl. She's saying how the ump said "uh-huh," and she said "nuh-uh," and it goes on and on, putting a manager's argument with an umpire into a kid's perspective. But the girl screws the whole thing up. By about the fifth time she says the line, the "uh-huh" sounds like the negative response, and the "nuh-uh" sounds like the positive. And half the time they both just sound the same except one starts with N. Couldn't they have just done another take? Terrible job, director.

Wake against the super dope homeboys from the Oaktown, 7:10.


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