Friday, July 17, 2009


Double-H gets the job done! Along with SuperPen. Us 4, Canada 1. Youk dong, Papi 2-run double for our runs. Four-game win streak. I'm still hearing people saying Ortiz "just isn't the player he used to be." They're so mired in negativity that the two bad months are what they focus on, instead of the million awesome years. So it's not that these people only remember the most recent thing, it's that they only remember the most recent negative thing. Fortunately these types are slowly being phased out by the reality of the Red Sox being a contending team annually.

Hey, if I make fun of Sox fans, albeit a small, I have to make fun of Yankee fans even worse. Have you ever noticed that any time the Yankees do something different, their fans assume it's the move that will bring them back to glory? "Well, now we've got Bruney back, so...." And when that fails: "Okay, we've finally pulled the trigger on the Hughes-to-the-setup-role move, which, as anyone knows, is the one thing we needed to do to ensure a title. But we were just waiting, because...well, don't worry about that. We're champs!" You'd think fans with 26 championships wouldn't brag unless they actually win one, but it's just in their arrogant nature. "Ha ha, we're the Yankees." That's all they need. They could be in last place, and the Orioles could win 40 championships in a row, but the Yankee fan would still laugh at the Oriole fan, just because they don't have the inherent inner aura-glory that only a Yankee fan is given by the gods above.

Frankensteinbrenner just flipped on the rain machine after the Yanks finally got the lead. 5-3 in a delay in the eighth. If they hang on, it's still a three-game lead.


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