Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fourth Base

89-63. That's the Red Sox all-time record on July 4th. I finally finished a piece I've been working on for Baseball Digest about the team's history on Independence Day. Read it here. Weird how we used to play strictly the A's or Senators in the annual Indie Day doubleheader.

New schedule-advertising travesty. Remember how last year they put ads for various movie/video game release dates on all the MLB skeds? And how the Indiana Jones movie was white on every one, confusing the home/away factor, until they finally changed it after I complained? Well now they've got an ad for some cartoon movie, and again, it's the same color on each team's schedule. Granted, you can just look at the "@" or "vs." to see if it's a home game or not, or just check the next/previous day for obvious clues, but I'm just saying, it's horrible how advertising takes precedence over the game info, which is what these schedules are for. Maybe the key at the bottom should show a colored square for "home," a white square for "away," and a wacky cartoon guy on a light blue background for "figure it out yourself, fan who we see as a dollar sign, but it doesn't matter where the game is anyway, you'll be at the movies!"

See the O's schedule and ours (we're playing each other that night) as examples.


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