Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Place At The Break

Sox win by six, Yanks lose by six. 15-9 and 14-8! Two game lead with one to play before the All-Star Break, so we'll be in first guaranteed.

Good to see Norman Bates get his first hit. I actually saw his AAA and MLB debut, probably the only player I can say that about. That Paw Sox game, and the Nomar game, I haven't posted full photo sets from yet, so you'll see my shots of Bates' debuts eventually.

Hey, what's with all this talk about how much action Wake will see in the ASG and who will catch him? How about this: Wake's one of the pitchers, we're gonna throw him as if he was any other non-knuckleballing pitcher, and if you happen to be the catcher at the time, shut your mouth, stick your glove out, and give it your best shot. After all, you're supposed to be an all-star.


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