Sunday, July 05, 2009


4:32: Sox win 8-4. Tomorrow the last place Athletics come to town. What does that mean? Bad news for the Athletics.

4:05: Papi singles in the tying run on a 3-0 pitch, and then the Ms try to return the gift we gave them yesterday by walking in the go-ahead run. Then Kotsay with a two-run bingle. 7-4 us in the seventh. Yanks up 10-8 in the sixth.

3:43: Jays quickly give it all back at the Little League Field, 9-8 Yanks in the fifth. Sox trail 4-3 at stretch time. We have three dongs, but they're all solo cups.

Awesome update, 2:55: Joba had a 4-0 lead, but quickly gave up EIGHT RUNS! Seven came with two outs. I'm pretty sure this guy's entire career consists of the fact that he has a "cool name" at this point. 8-4 Toronto. We trail 4-2 now.

Update, 1:51: Dustin and Papi go deep in the first, 2-0 us. Yanks have scored their daily "runs due to other teams' mistakes" and also lead 2-0 early. And...WAKEFIELD's AN ALL-STAR! Beckett and Pap also in, and Youk is a reserve.

Update, 1:23: All-star position players announced. Pedroia and Bay in! That fucklehead Teixeira with his stupid face gets the nod at first over Youk.

Above, fireworks out my window last night.

We try to solve the Mariners again today--their pitcher has a 1.83 WHIP in four starts. Ours is Lester. I vote win.

Below, the 7 balls I've gotten so far in '09. (Six are pictured, one lives with some woman I don't know.) I started with 6 lifetime balls, and have more than doubled my total in half a season, with a few more games before the All-Star break. Of course, I'm still waiting for that first-ever in-game ball.


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