Sunday, July 19, 2009

Edward James Almost

I would show you my video of the pitch the Paw Sox closer threw with two outs in the ninth to cap off a combined no-hitter...except that the Indianapolis guy hit it for a single. The next guy homered, so it was a good thing the Men o' Paws scored two in the eighth--they held on for a 3-2 win.

Then we got in the car and heard a guy on the radio talking about the Red Sox as if they had the worst record in the league. As opposed to the best. Which is what they have.

And then I forgot this post that I apparently wrote at 6:40. Now it's 11:00. Whoops. Anyway, I blame the guy behind me at McCoy. He knew nothing about baseball and had a group of kids with him, along with some other counselor types. So we're all doing the no-talky-talky thing, and then after the bottom of the eighth, which must have been their pre-planned skedaddle time, dipshit says, "okay, round 'em up!" The other counselor girl is forced to say, "well, we can't leave, it's a no-hitter." The dude yells out, "no-hitter?" That was a rough moment for me and I'm sure everyone else around them. Too bad they took Lopez out after the first out of the ninth--he was doing fine. Oh well. Almost my second lifetime no-hitter....

Lopez has really improved since coming to Pawtucket. I did not see that coming.

In a related story, I saw Javier Lopez in a little Yo La Tengo t-shirt in Virginia. He probably stole it from Lenny Dinardo.

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