Thursday, July 09, 2009

Comedy Classix

More from my old TV show "Ready!" from like eight years ago. Brian and later me (with mildly unruly mohawk) asking the citizens of Danbury, CT, who would win in a fight, Henry Rollins or Glenn Danzig.

I guess this stuff would be better for the offseason instead of during a captivating pennant race, but I'm uploading it now, so you're getting it now. Besides, I can totally show this stuff again in November anyway! Lucky for you. No, really, this stuff is gold!

Sox-KC tonight. Gotta win to stay a game up. I did my usual with the Yanks game today: See that they won, go to play-by-play to see how the other team gave them the game. It almost never fails. It really is amazing. So I check their 3-run second inning and see: First guy walks. Next guy hit by pitch. Next guy reaches on the Yankee-opponent classic, the error. Next guy gets out. Next guy walks in run. Next guy knocks in run on force play. At this point we're talking five baserunners and two runs without a hit. They won by two. You know what this means? I'm not nervous about them. They play the same shitty teams we do, but when they play us, who wins? Not them.

Hey, where you been hidin'...miss you on the threads bro...
I've been going just about computer-free during games. I realized how much I was missing by typing during games all the time! That plus the fact that I was always getting into fights, just got tired of it.
I hear ya......sometimes it gets a little crazy..... I hope all is well.
The few years I worked and hung around downtown Danbury were totally depressing. Wish there was some whacky cable access dudes around!

Oh, and Danbury is officially banned from my personal travels due to such miserable memories. Take that, hat city!
So, you are standing in front of my old office constantly throughout that video. The Old Library as they call it. Besides the coppers though, you didn't hit up any municipal workers. Maybe once you post more videos I'll start to see them.
What was the old library? That "music building" on the corner?
Yes, the building is split in half. The left side is the Danbury Music Center and the right side is City Welfare & Social Services.

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