Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've been in the car a lot more often lately, and that means more radio-listening. On AM radio in Providence, I get both NY and Bos sports radio. I'm keeping track of which team's fans say "holiday" when referring to Halladay the most. So far Red Sox and Yanks fans are running neck and neck at 91 percent, with Mets fans just behind at around 88 percent.

The opposite of what I hoped happened tonight. The rhino butt sniffers beat the triple-A team from Baltimore at the Easy Bake, and we lost to a rookie, even though Beckett went all nine. So we're a game back with like a thousand to play.

I was trying think of how to word my joke about the media and their "panic" talk--and sure enough, TC of all people comes on to start the post-game with the line, "panic in the Nation." Way to go, TC. Way to go for the ratings and convince those dumbasses who know only what they've witnessed in the previous series that being one game behind means the season is over. People who can watch the 2004 playoffs and then "panic" in July because the team is ONE goddamn game behind the best record in the league should be forced to have to root for the Nationals. See what 30 games out feels like. But wait, those people hardly exist, it's more just the money-grubbin' media who need to sell sell sell.


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