Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bugs! Bugs!

More from "Ready!", the TV show Brian and I used to do early this decade in Danbury. This is our old band, The Pac-Men, covering "Bugs" by Adrenalin OD. After the song, funny stuff back in our old apartment. That's me on bass (and all-important background vocals!) for the song, and in the yellow home-made Pac-Men shirt, mohawk, and Samuel L. Jackson new-Shaft-era beard toward the end.

Exactly how stoned were you? ; )
At the end I mean, when the door came apart. That voice was not the voice of an unstoned person.
Hilarious, and a little too close to home.
Ahhh I laughed so hard at Brian breaking that board. Post more of these, like the one where you just made those wind-up toys fight on a table at Coffee Please for a half hour.
I had a cold in that part at the end (besides having a pretty nasal voice in the first place). You are not the first person to think I'm some kind of drug guy, and in fact, stoners seemed to love our show, and one even called in and told me I must be "smoking a tree." But me and Brian are and have always been drug-free, alcohol-free, smoking-of-anything-free.

I thought I was known as the non-smoking/drinking/meat eating baseball fan but I guess I don't say it enough, and since I'm "silly" I guess people think I'm a stoner....

Anthony, more to come!

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