Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bring On The Canine Days

Well, things have been crappy since the moment that ninth inning started last night. Penny gives up a dong on the first pitch, and we trailed all night. Got the tying run on in the ninth, but, it was all for chimp. We shoud've been 1.5 back going into tonight-- instead we're now 3.5 back. Let's make it be August right now. July is a chimp month this year. And not the type who can type out Shakespeare-quality work.

Bob Montgomery will be in the booth tomorrow! It's a day game, though, so a lot of us will have to catch it on the archive. If you're too young to remember, Monty was the color man on the TV-38 games in the '80s. Before that, he was a Red Sox catcher throughout the '70s. Kind of a surly dude outside the booth, but it'll be great to hear one of the voices of my childhood doing a Sox game again.

Later tonight I'm posting my full story/photo gallery from Jim Rice day. Watch for that.

Jere, that news about Bob Montgomery is too cool. Many is the Sunday back in the 1980s in Nova Scotia that I watched the Red Sox on TV 38, via a station in Bangor (might have been WLBZ Channel 2, but I stand to be corrected on this). It was Ned Martin and Bob Montgomery announcing the games.

Talk about nostalgia, dude.

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