Saturday, July 11, 2009


Last night on my way home, I listened to the Yanks' first inning in the car, hearing Blind Boy and the Wicked Witch brag about "the Yankees always seem to be ahead!" They took a 4-1 lead early, but with Joba on the mound, I was pretty confident for the Angels. Then I posted all my game pics, and forgot to check the Yanks score before going to bed....

I got the good news today!

And Joba claims these last two shitty games represented his "best stuff"! I love it. If this guy's career ends without ever actually being any good, how's he gonna collect all those Cy Youngs they've already prepared for him? Man, that's gonna be the least-attended Monument unveiling of all-time!

And surely you've heard me talk about how Jeter (Mr. "I'd Model My Child's Baseball Career And Life After Him") has been using ONE hand on pop-ups for his entire career. Well he finally dropped one, and it led to three runs. I haven't seen the play, though--maybe he was using two hands this time, but either way, he dropped it. The beauty part is, Posada caught one in the same inning with no glove at all.

So we're one game up again.


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