Friday, July 17, 2009

Base Ball To-Nite!

I have heard people complain about how baseball is the only sport where the winners shake each others' hands, as opposed to the opponents' hands. They say it would be a great example for kids to see the two teams greet each other like they do in amateur ball. But those people should keep this in mind: We're talking about an era where players are friends with each other, regardless of uniform. Where guys will hang out with each other on the field in pre-game, shaking hands and hugging. Where a player will reach first and get a pat on the back from the first baseman. Where players change teams so often, they rarely have a feeling toward any other team in general, even a rival of their own. All this stuff could have gotten you fined in kangaroo court as recently as two decades ago.

So whatta ya say we enjoy the odd moment of separation between our side and theirs? Take that away and we might as well be playing a friendly game of tiddly-winks. I'm not saying players should be less friendly and show less sportsmanship. I'm just saying, I like things the way they are. (Except for the players changing teams so often. That's horse shit.)

The now officially Lugo-less Red Sox finally play a game, in one hour, in Canada. Julio could frustrate me like no other on the field and I'm glad we're moving on. But he was always great to watch in pre-game--seemed like a great teammate. Too bad he never played at the level he was paid to...and as a bonus, went downhill from there....

photo of Lugo floating by Jere Smith, aka Me

The day after the A-S game - always one of the longest and most useless of the year. But to get an EXTRA day - oof! That was torture.
The oatmeal (lineup for your readers who don't do JoS) looks great tonight. All it needs is Jedi Lowrie at SS batting 7, with Tek 8 and LBJ, aka Jacoby, in the "extra lead-off" spot.
Just heard that Ellsbury is a late scratch though.
Maybe the real lineup, including Lowrie, will show up tomorrow.

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