Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Old Red Sox: Argenis Diaz, Hunter Something, and Julio Lugo.

New Red Sox: Adam LaRoche, and Chris Duncan.

About Duncan: praise Gedman it's not Shelley! If that psychotic ghoul ever gets called up again, it'll be brother vs. brother in Sox-Yanks games! Like the Doyles....

And LaRoche: On the radio, when we didn't yet know who we were giving up for him, they were saying something about Delcarmen. And I thought, you better get more than a .240 hitter for MDC--turns out it was indeed just minor leaguers. BUT: LaRoche, who, like Duncan, is the son of another major leaguer from my day-ish, is a great second-half hitter. Let's hope he keeps that up.

Should still be brother vs. brother but just the AAA Red Sox vs. Yankee version.

Just heard JoS1 night will also be Jim Rice number retirement night. Good timing!
A weeknight???? Ouch... Well, at least it's a game I'm already going to.

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