Sunday, July 12, 2009


That's our all-star break record. Pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty....good. Close to the best record in all of baseball. We all hoped after the loss to KC in game one that we could take the next three and we did. Beckett with a complete game shutout today. No walks. And we beat Chen so it feels extra awesome.

Check it out: Papi's blog.

NYT article on Wake.

Buchholz starts Friday, in our first game back. (We have the bonus fourth day off this year.)

Yanks playing now--we'll be two or three up at the break. But they're playing the Angels so it should be three, ha. [Update: CC's given up 4 ER on 6 H through four. 4-1 Angels!] [Update: Yanks cut it to 5-4 in the eighth, but are leaving guys on base left and right.] [Update: Yanks LOSE. Ha! Three up!]

Remember, there's no break here at ARSFFPT aka RSF/PT formerly ARSFIPT. I'll be around with wild, wacky stuff.


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