Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 Up At The Break

Jeter, Teixeira, A-Rod go down in order in the ninth with the Yanks down one, and the Angels win. Friday morning, the Sox and Yanks were tied for first, and Yankee fans (conveniently forgetting the last eight years of their lives) assumed they'd completed the comeback, and were already in the World Series, planning the parade. Since then, they lost their three games and we won our three games. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Three games up, four days off.

Hey Jere,

How sweet is is is so true!

I'll be in RI from the 15th to the 28th. C'mon down to Bristol and watch a game and have a brew with me and my big Sox fan bro just steps from the water.

Dave (aka Red Sox Sonoma @
Loved the ending of that game. I was doing my usual way-after-the-game, talking-just-to-myself thing at JoS that day (LL has been crazy this month, it is`every July) and was watching the end of the Yank's game on GDGD while I rattled on to myself. I immediately commented that every bit as satisfying as the 3 game lead was the fact that it was CI, Tex, and A-Roid who made the last 3 whimpering, rolling-over-and-playing-dead, outs in a 1-run game. Nice job, meat-of-the-order!
Sure wish the Paw Sox were in town week after next. When I first got my tickets to JoS1 I checked their site hoping to meander down to RI on Wednesday and catch a game there before heading home. But they're away. Now it looks like I might be going to Scranton for a game. Should I wear my Sox hat? ;>
As much as my bro loves the Sox, he's had his fill of cities and uber-priced Fenway tickets; havin' a hard time convincing him to go up for a game, and I'm having a hard time convincing myself to drop a couple Ben's for tickets, but PawSox next week should happen. Would be nice to see one of the big boys rehabbing, but will still enjoy the game.

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