Wednesday, June 24, 2009


MLB to allow to show games of a team in their own market. Sounds great right? Wrong--it's only for the Yankees! What the hell is this???

Either do this for every team or don't do it at all!

So Fairfield County is not allowed to get NESN, but is allowed to get YES, AND, can get the Yanks on the computer just because. MLB, you're HORSE SHIT. Keep telling us how much we love watching Brad Penny bat while you're at it, ASS HOLES.

Not sure I understand the issue here. The article states that they'll announce a 2nd team next week, several more this season, and are aiming for a majority by the beginning of next year. My guess is that the holdup revolves around each franchise's local network getting the consent of their local cable companies, who currently have exclusive local broadcast rights. I don't think it has anything to do with special treatment for the Yankees.

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