Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wehicle Identification Number

It's official. 11-3 win and we're five up. It was tight early, and Penny was pissing me off a little, especially when he threw the wild pitch to score a run right after a visit from Farrell. Then he walked the guy, his third in a row. But the guy has been key for us lately, and again he gave us a chance to win.

The high camera in that park is ridiculous. I'm talking about the one behind the plate that they cut to on any batted balls. Such a bad angle, especially on balls to the outfield.

Where was TC tonight?

Don seemed off his game early, first screwing up a count and then saying Nick Green was playing second base. By the way, Green's somersault DP was amazing.

I have a vision of Jason Bay catching the last out of the 2009 World Series. DomiNation!


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