Friday, June 05, 2009

View From The Bean Vol. 2?

My pal G-Wobble of Total Dick (check out "Time Machine" before you do anything else! Including reading this post!) chimes in with his review of Yankee Stadium aka New Loo, aka Eau de Toilette, aka the Current Stadium, aka The Souvenir Store, from his recent trip there for a game with the Orioles:

Every time a Y[ankee] pitcher gets two strikes on the hitter, you know because every LED board in the place reminds you of the fact via two animated Mickey Mouse gloves clapping, and the words "TWO STRIKES!" Every time.

Every Y[ankee] home run is brought to you by Geico, and they make sure that you sure as fuck are aware of that. Every LED screen, including the ribbon that runs around the upper deck, fills with about 5,000 Geico logos and that animated lizard for every home run. Really distracting.

The right field fence is noticeably lower and closer than in the old shithole, and it's no illusion. And the wind tunnel rumors are 100% true. We sat in section 212, middle level halfway up the right field line, and there was barely a breeze. We then walked around to the area behind the bleachers, and had a 15 mph steady wind blowing in our faces. The Cano home run early in the game was a fucking joke. Unbelievable.

I will say that the out of town scoreboard with the detailed info like runners on base, outs, etc. was sweet, as I could see that you were attending a much better game than I. I couldn't even bring myself to root for the O's, it was more like maintaining the faintest flicker of hope that they would become competent. Nope.

All in all, not a bad place, weird that the Ys play there now. It seemed quieter, too, event though they were winning the whole game.

I wasn't exactly in a big hurry to see the new place to begin with, but I have to say, the Geico tie-ins bum me out. I'm a huge fan of the Gekko, and probably drive my wife nuts saying "Fancy a crisp?" to her a few times a week. I really don't want to start associating him with the Yanks. I know other ballparks feature prominent Geico ads too, but still.

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