Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Videos From Sunday

I will post pics tomorrow. In the meantime, here are three videos I took at Fenway on Sunday.

1. I got some audio of that song we were trying to figure out. I missed "we wave our rally towels..."

2. The hawk did a big loop of the field as everyone oohed and/or aahed. I started filming just as it flew in front of us.

3. A quick shot of Lugo before the game looking up at us and laughing while going to get a ball he threw up to us that we missed. Followed by a 360-degree view from the Monster Seats.

Did I ever tell you my Jared Weaver story? In 2006, I was on the Monster seats with three friends - we were in there in time to watch the Angels take BP (and Vlad tried to kill us). After three of us had baseballs, we're trying to get a fourth, and Weaver's down there shagging flies.

We start shouting at him (nicely, I swear!) to toss us a ball, we just need one more, we promise we'll stop bugging him, etc.

After a while, he turns around and heaves a perfect throw at my friend Sean... who bobbles the ball and drops it back onto the field.

Weaver goes looks up, shakes his head and waggles his finger in a "shame on you" sorta thing. It was hilarious.

Eventually he gets another ball and tosses it up to us, and we catch it this time.

To this day, I laugh out loud thinking about Weaver just ragging on Sean for dropping the ball. 100% classic.
Ha. Yeah, Lugo did a full "stand with arms folded as if to say 'terrible job'" to the people who missed it. Before finally coming over and getting it and re-tossing.
country music in boston? no.
You're preachin' to the choir, rooney. There's that one, and Play Ball, and Swing Batter Swing, two of which are played every game, and the third played a lot.

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