Friday, June 12, 2009

Tonight's Exhibition Games

Red Sox win in 13. More on that later. Right now I'd like to go back to this afternoon. Kim and I are in the car listening to the FAN, hearing the Mets fan host talk about how he's all worried about their upcoming series with the Yanks. I then told Kim what I always tell you here: Every year, the Yanks get to play the Mets six times. And every year, no matter how good either team is or is doing going into the series, Mets fans (and the rest of us) have to watch as big brother takes on little brother. If the Yanks are on a losing streak, well, there are the Mets, waiting to turn it into a winning streak. If the Yanks are winning, well, there are Mets, to cower in fear of their big bro. And the Yanks get this "free parking" spot six times a year, while MLB struggles to find some kind of co-"natural" rival for the Red Sox.

If ever the Mets were out to prove me right on this point, it was tonight. Mets lead by one, two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Pop up. Mets dude camps under it, game over, right? Wrong. He drops the ball. The tying run scores, the winning run scores. This play right here epitomizes these two teams. The Yankees win on dumbass luck, and the Mets give the Yanks what they need. Ya got five more against 'em, Mets. Shape the hell up.

I watched the Sox game computer-free tonight, and for some reason NESN decided to ignore the Yanks instead of giving us updates. So I didn't find out about that horrible finish until after our game. And that's good, as I got to enjoy our finish without knowing about the Yankee crap. The Bard of Savon gave us a scare, but got it done. What a job by Lester again tonight, too bad he couldn't get the W. Nick Green has been huge for us lately. Even Lugo came in and got a key hit. Despite Ram-Ram giving up a ninth inning, game tying dong, we score three in the 13th for the 5-2 win. For the last few days, I've been wondering where Masterson is. I was under the impression he was the 8th inning guy, before he went into the rotation. So now that he's back in the pen, why wouldn't he be the 9th inning guy when Pap isn't available? They finally did bring him in once it was tied, and he kept it scoreless--in other words, he totally should have come in for the 9th. But he also should have come in the night before. Anyway, we got the win, but the Yanks get the ultimate Yankee win. Hey, we can all wake up tomorrow knowing that all this craziness doesn't count anyway, since MLB is a fine operation that would never allow exhibition games in which teams who play by different rules face each other, thus ruining the flow of the season for various teams, count in the standings all so they can make a little more money...

11:56 PM--For the first time all night, NESN finally shows viewers the Yankee highlights. And TC doesn't even note that the dropped pop up happened with two outs! That it would've WON the game for the Mets if the guy catches the goddamn pop up. Come on, TC! Man, I am so glad I wasn't watching that game, or every window in my house would be broken right now. Oh, and I love how after the guys drops it and the winning run is scoring, he fucking throws to second. What the crap? The best news from that game is how Jobber lasted just four innings, walked five, and hit two, throwing 100 pitches. And that Mo again did bed-shatting. That team is no championship squad. Unfortunately there enough bad teams so that they'll probably make the playoffs. But that's good because I'd love to sweep them right out of it.

I know what you're gonna say. The Mets and Yanks pretty much play even overall, and the Mets even won 4-2 last year. But I'm a little pissed right now and the point is the Mets always seem to be just what the Yanks need.
Since Omar Minaya is coffee boy for that hideous runt, Jeffy Wilpon, that franchise will be run into the f--king ground:

& Castillo is the fruit of this ruinous path.
I asked the night before about Masterson on the jos seems like he is in the doghouse, even last night his emotions seemed to be in check......not clear on what his role should be....I thought when MDC came in the other night was a great spot for him...I still can't belive he missed that pop up, even more amazed Texiera scored from first...
It's ok Jere; that game last night was frustrating enough to merit a little venting. I'd love to see the Metsies blow a World Series game to the Sox in similar fashion to last night*, so that I'd never have to hear about Bill Buckner from one of their fans ever again**.

* Not that the Choking Metsies stand a rat's ass of actually making the World Series anytime soon.

** Not that I actually ever encounter any Mets fans that give me crap about Buckner or '86; the most obnoxious Mets fans from back then were actually front-running Yankee fans who switched back in the 90's; most of the Met fans who are still left are okay.
Agreed, AJM:

I have Contempt for the "86ers", who tried reminding me of Buckner at $iti Field, as they forgot to wear the Latest Jeter Fashion Designer Yankee Tee Shirts, or forgot their A-Rod Jersey, as both shirts will cause for a Serenading Session;

There was an a--h-le, trying to tell me that he's such a Real Mets Fan, he roots for the Yankees in order to salute the 1986 Team Of The Medellin Cartel, vs the Sox. Actually, he looked like he snorted the 1st Base Line with Keith in 1985, and gave himself away as a Yankee Fan, passing himself off, BADLY;

I'm still proud of The 1969 Mets & always will be, as no one snorted the 1st Base Line.
The Mets have no chance, especially since Jeffy Wilpon is running The Baseball End, w/Omar Minaya as his "Coffee Boy".

Their Farm System will be barren, in fact is barren right now, as both the Triple & Double AA Teams are DEAD LAST in their leagues.
That team is no championship squad. Unfortunately there enough bad teams so that they'll probably make the playoffs. But that's good because I'd love to sweep them right out of it.

From your keyboard to God's ears, sir.

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