Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three Up

I didn't get to tune in to the game until after 9:00. So it worked out that there was a long rain delay. When I heard we scored five runs on three Philly errors in the first, it was a bit of an "in your face" moment to any Yankee fans who were paying attention. We ended up giving up six runs, but still won by five, 11-6. Lugo with four hits! And Mets, I'm proud of you for coming through after yesterday. We're now three games up, and the Yanks could be in fourth place by next weekend.

Tonight Kim and I went to the Water Fire. This is a semi-regular summer event in Providence that's like a street fair, but with fires burning on the river(s) that run(s) through the city. We did it last year, and while the actual fires were pretty cool, we were more in it for the hanging out. But this time, the fires were lit in a much more entertaining fashion, with this dude walking from one pot to the next, seemingly walking on water, swinging these fire-things around before lighting each pot. Performance art doesn't really do much for me...unless there's FIRE. They also had this star land, where lighted stars hung from trees in the dark. Reminded me of that commercial that used Pink Moon.

Before the Water Fire, I spent some time with Kim at the event where she was selling soap. I've been doing that a lot lately, and it's always fun to meet people and tell them how great Kim's stuff is and try to avoid eye contact with the crazy homeless people.

Beckett vs. Happ tomorrow as we go for another sweep.

It was amazing that NO Homers went anywhere near RF in the Bandbox/Toilet:

A Kid who hadn't pitched since June, '06, held the Yankmes in check;

Only Tim Mc Carver could be confused enough to tell the audience that Gary Sheffield was Doc Gooden's Uncle;

Omir Santos, Mets Catcher, was a 1time Yankme Farmhand. The Yankmes got bit on the arse as Santos Homered and Doubled;

Castillo was 2/5.

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