Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stone Cold Case

New Baseball Digest Photo Sleuth piece is up. It's the 1986 Jeff Stone Phillies Topps card if you wanna figure it out before looking at my guess.

SRO and even cheap seats next to each other (I just saw row two, section 2, 30 bucks each) now available online at redsox.com for tonight's game. Don't stand on line, go online. And then wave to the people standing on line for game day tickets in the rain as you walk right past them into the park.

I remember when I was going to college in Philly and the Phils called up Jeff Stone, who had been tearing it up in the minors; the front page of the Inquirer's sports section ran the headline "Phillies Enter the Stone Age". Loved that for some reason. They thought he was going to be a huge star. Oh well. We'll always have that single though.

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