Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sox Day Action

3:58: SOX WIN! Pap gets pop up, and force out, and that's it. 6-3. Turned out to be a nice trip, ending with a sweep.

3:53: Papelbon in for the ninth. Walk, force-out on a hard hit ball, and a base hit. So the tying run's up with one out. Yanks up 8-6 in the ninth. Toronto lost.

3:29: Sox still up 6-3, going to the 9th. Yanks 6-6, bot 7.

2:55: 5-run fifth gives Yanks a 6-5 lead. Sox still up 6-3, mid-7th.

2:20: NESN finally comes back after not showing me the first hour of the game. We still lead 6-3 in the fifth, Yanks down 5-1 in the fifth. Toronto down 5-1 in the sixth.

1:56: Sox score six in 3rd. 6-3 us. Much like in that exhibition game I went to in April, the Red Sox have 6 runs on 2 hits. Yanks trail 2-1.

1:47: Dontrelle pulled with a no-hitter going in the third! (Because he's walked FIVE. We now trail 3-2, still batting in third.)

1:29: NESN stinks! No picture, no audio. No game. I've got it on radio, and Wake just gave up three in the second. 3-0 Detroit. The Yanks could've had a big inning in the first, but Teixeira was doubled off first (or something, Gameday is unclear), so they only get one and lead 1-0 in the second.

The Pee Train vs. Wake, 1:05. I will provide updates.

Check out this interview my mom and I did on Laura Reviews. Thanks to savethejellyfish for pointing me to her blog, as he, Laura, and I all grew up in Ridgefield.

Also, here's a little video I shot of Willie Mays Hayes on Saturday (sound not necessary) :

Surprised at the quick hook for Dontrelle, even acknowledging the 5 BBs. Was he missing badly? Maybe an injury?
Yes, I'm at a conference pretending to be paying attention to a presentation.
He also hit a guy. Had a 1-2-3 first, then was just walking everybody. He was close sometimes, to the point where Leyland I think got ejected arguing post-inning. I couldn't see any of this, but it seemed pretty clear he totally lost it.

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