Friday, June 05, 2009


[6:46: Not raining at Fenway, looks like they'll play. Yanks-Devil Rays rained out.]

[Update, 4:48: The release from the team looks like the one they always use.]

[Update: I figured this out. Instead of a play button like they used to have, there are past, present and future buttons. You have to press "past" to see the full radar. I was looking at the "future." I still say it's confusing.]

I like going to and looking at the "in motion" radar map. You can zoom in, move the map around, etc. However, they just changed the format and it looks like they've made a terrible mistake. I noticed on the map that Cape Cod looked like it was dipped in green slime. In other words, there appeared to be an area of rain covering the Cape in the exact shape of the land. Then it hit me: They're now only showing precipitation over land. Terrible!

You know what this means? If a storm is coming in off the ocean, it doesn't appear! Until it hits land, that is. What kind of "forecast" is that? Granted, we're on the east coast, and most weather comes in from the west, but storms often come from the south and east, going over water before hitting New England. The west coast has it even worse. There could be a giant typhoon one mile off the California coast right now, but looking at their map, you wouldn't know about it.

Anyway, right now we've got rain covering our area, but I can't tell where the south/east end of it is....but it looks like a 60% chance of rain all night in Boston. No statement from the team as of 4:00...


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