Monday, June 08, 2009

Put It On The Underhills' Tab

They online-ified tix to the Braves series today. Singles. Of course, the phone is always an option, but keep checking online, they may dump more than what's there now.

Unrelated: You know that company that makes those life-sized players and humongous logos you can stick to your wall? Fletch had those in his apartment! Essentially. That movie's been on a lot lately, and of course, I watch it every time.

And here's a question for you. When is a fielder considered to be playing a different position than where he started from? You can put your seven non-battery fielders anywhere you want. And if, say, the third baseman and left fielder switch spots between batters, their stats will reflect the change. But if you shift your infield, whether you put the shortstop in short right, or move him over to the second baseman's spot and put the second baseman in short right, the stats show them never having moved. At what point does a fielder officially get credited with playing a new position? And can a manager say, "this guy, #47, is my third baseman, and this guy, #23, is my center fielder. But I'm playing #47 where the center fielder normally would play, and #23 where the third baseman normally would play"? Or how about, "these seven guys are going to rotate, moving over clockwise one spot each inning--but only on paper. In reality they'll all be in the same spot the whole game"? It wouldn't matter at all except in the fielding stats--you could have a guy set the errorless streak record for first basemen by calling him your first baseman but playing him in left field. Or get your shortstop into the All-Star Game by playing him in his normal spot but calling him the second baseman on the lineup card.

Isn't it a matter of whether the position shift is announced to the umpire?
Yes, but, can you say, "this guy's now playing SS, and this guy's now playing CF, but they'll be 'shifted' so that the SS is in CF and the CF is at SS"?

If you answer more than 10 minutes from now, it'll have to wait till I get home from the PawSox game....

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