Saturday, June 20, 2009

People Still Don't Get It

Don Orsillo: "we wondered what kind of reaction the crowd would have to Derek Lowe." Then they showed what every single thinking human knew would happen, Sox fans standing and cheering for one of their heroes. Don then noted, once again, how all the '04 Sox have been greeted warmly up on returning to Fenway with the exception of the ones who came back in pinstripes. If you know that, Don, why are you "wondering" about Lowe's return? Apparently, you know the drill. So just come out and say, "we're all awaiting Derek Lowe's return and the one and only possible reaction by the crowd--cheers." Yet I have to hear about wondering--and then Eck says, "you never really know how the fans are gonna respond." What?? We all know exactly. Every time. Is it so hard to figure out? Guy gives us te thing we always wanted. Guy goes away. Guy comes back. Boo? Luke warm? No! Huge exception: guy gives us thing we want, kills our family in their sleep. Cheer? No!

At some point, people got confused. That point was the Damon return. Oh, Red Sox fans for some reason hate guys who gave them championships! Settle down. Think. Guy is in Yankee uniform. We no likey that. No team's fans do, but especially us. If someone would be confused about this, I wouldn't think it would be the people who are paid to cover this team. So, Don, you seem to have this thing down, but you're just a little but afraid to say it beforehand. Go for it, man. And tell Eck while you're at it.

I just hate how suddenly the world doesn't know how Fenway fans react to things. Because it's so simple. If a guy did something we like, we cheer them. Did something we didn't like? Do you know it? Are you following? That's right, non-cheers. So simple. So just to clarify, the reaction of Fenway fans has been consistent through the years. There's never been anything to make anyone paying attention have to "wonder" what will happen.

Heck, as I recall, most of the fans cheered for Johnny Damon when he took his first at-bat back in Fenway, in gratitude for what he did for the Red Sox.

But after that, he was a New York Yankee, and treated accordingly. Which is as it should have been.

I don't hold a grudge against Damon for taking George Steinbrenner's cash, but of course he's going to get booed now. He's a Yankee. Derek Lowe isn't.
Well, we talked about this at length and beyond when it happened, but I disagree with the fact that "most" fans cheered him the first time. Some cheered, I did not. I remember he did the pre-emptive hat-tip to make it appear like he was being cheered, but it was only some of the crowd. (By the way, I never bought the "thank him for '04" excuse, because we all did that in '05, while he was still on the Red Sox.)

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