Friday, June 26, 2009

Past Man Speaks

Good morning! Here I am in DC! And the Red Sox won/lost last night! Okay, I have a confession to make. I didn't bring my laptop to DC and I won't update until late Friday night. I'm writing this late Wednesday night and setting it to post Friday morning. So....yeah, that was a sweet win/crappy loss, eh? We totally swept or took two out of three. Good/bad job by the Nats getting swept/salvaging a game. I'm glad my game was a win/sad it was a loss.

Of course, because I'm doing this, it'll probably turn out that some amazing thing or great tragedy happened, and here I am hammin' it up oblivious.

Okay, I gotta go to bed since we're leaving for DC early. No wait, it's Friday to you. So...I'm probably looking up at a giant Abraham Lincoln or something. See you later. Oh wait, here's my chance to make a prediction about the game. But I don't wanna get it exactly right or you won't believe that I'm writing this 19 hours before the game. So I'll go off the board and say 21-0 Red Sox. Smoltz will pitch a perfect game--a truly perfect one, with every pitch being a strike.

Comments: nailed it! Great to finally meet you and Chan in I'm (kinda) kicking myself for not having my copy of Dirty Water handy for the Hancock of a literary giant (kinda)...
Don't worry Jere, we kept everything under control back here at the homestead while you were on the road. Actually, it's been pretty quiet and uneventful; no big celebrities dying or anything...
...oh wait.

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