Friday, June 05, 2009

Me In Hartford Saturday

My mom and I will be doing a signing (no reading this time) at Bookworm Bookstore in Hartford, CT, at noon on Saturday. Come by and pick up Dirty Water: A Red Sox Mystery, and we will personalize it to the dad of your choice. (Or whoever.) Father's Day is around the corner.

968 Farmington Ave # 1
West Hartford, CT 06107

Lugo just Lugo'd, and the next guy homered, so we currently trail 4-0. I may add an update or two down here....

[Update, 8:47: The Thursday Yanks game is up online. Tickets together and everything. So now we'll see when they put the Braves series up....]

[Update, 10:30: We totally lose, 5-1. Trade Lugo tomorrow. Or later tonight if you're up.]


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