Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kicking More Yankee Ass

We're 6-0 against the Yanks this season. This 7-0 game was the first time they've been shut out in 2009 (now every team in baseball has been shut out at least once). Beckett was effing on. The only two hits the Yanks got all night were balls that we really could've made a play on. Papi with a monster dong off Burnett who we knock out again, Green hit one to the Cask, and Drew had a key early double. We're tied for first again. Fuck yeah.

"You don't wanna pick your nose and you don't wanna fall asleep," said Eck, as Papelbon slept with his hand as a pillow in the bullpen. Another underrated Eck-ism is to say "what new?" instead of "what's new?" And that whole thing where Eck didn't realize MDC was throwing at Captain Bloop was hilarious. "It makes me sick!" he said, referring to the fact that Don knew and he didn't.

In the last few games, NESN has shown signs of going back to the classic CF camera angle, but tonight it was all straight on.

Did you hear? It's once again going to be a Subaru Summer. I've yet to figure out how Subaru can be an adjective, let alone one that describes a season.

I've got a single ticket tomorrow. I'll leave you with a photo gallery at some point tomorrow. And then I'll get to start on a new one, and so on, and so on.

Beckett was SO dominant. He was fun to watch. And Papi swung THROUGH the ball...what a result. We were standing and cheering! Hi to Kim.

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