Thursday, June 11, 2009

In "Fact"

Ian Browne writes,

When the year 1912 is mentioned, astute Red Sox fans know that was when Fenway Park opened. In fact, on that same day, the Titanic sank.

Fact: The Titanic sank on April 15th. Fact: Fenway Park opened on April 20th.


Hey, remember when Yankee fans would whine like crazy about their players getting hit by us, and how they need to "man up" and all that crap and start hitting our guys? Well, look, they got their wish. And they've lost EVERY GAME.

I've been thinking about that whole thing with Titanic knocking Fenway off the front page--I always thought it was because news took a while to travel to Boston, but come on, the Syracuse paper had it like the next day. Maybe it was just the escalating of the story, how more info was coming out each day, etc.
So the Sox picked Yaz' grandson today in the amateur draft. Apparently a decent hitting prospect, but it's believed that he plans on going to Vanderbilt rather than signing. Don't know if being picked by Grandpa's team changes his decision. Obviously, it'd be really cool if he panned out.
I actually emailed the guy correcting him! I know the date because it's my birthday (april 15) but I was wondering if he said that because Fenway had 2 rain-outs before it actually opened onApril 20. But no where in my searches did I find a date other than the 20th. Oh well, I guess even writers screw up!
AJM--I heard that. Would be sweet to have YastrzemskII.

EE--it is a well-known thing that the sinking knocked Fenway off the front page, but I thought it was also well-known that the two were actually several days apart. Apparently not!

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