Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If You Don't Vote, You Are Allowed To Complain, But Just Vote Anyway

Vote your Red Sox into the All-Star Game here.

Voting ends Thursday, and you can vote up to 25 times per e-mail address. (After you enter your picks, it saves them, so it's easy to vote over and over.)

We got Youk just ahead of Anthony K., and Dustin is just behind Mama Kin. Ellsbury isn't too far from that third outfield spot, either. (Bay is a lock to take the top spot.) So make sure you vote for those three if no one else. There's no real anti-Yankee stuff we can do, other than maybe throwing some votes Mauer or Longoria's way to stop Jeter from being the leading AL vote getter. Here are the updated voting numbers.


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