Monday, June 08, 2009

Hustle Crisis

This was MLB's front page before tonight's Yankee game. They went in a half game up, yet this claims that if they'd lost, the Red Sox would've moved into first. Terrible job, MLB--it only would've been a tie. But they won anyway, so we're a game out going into Tuesday night. Don't forget to bring your Tic-Tacs.

Kim and I went to the Pawtucket game tonight. They almost won. And Chris Carter shocked us with his egregious lack of hustle. First he hit a ball to the right field corner. He decided halfway to second that he was gonna get a double, nothing more. Sure enough, the right fielder bobbled the ball. Twice. Had he been thinking three all along he would have had it. But whatever, only nerds like me would notice that. But then, he tops himself. Next guy grounds a single to center. Carter heads for third, realizes he's not gonna score, and puts his head down and starts pulling up. The ball then goes under the center fielder's glove. Easy score for Carter...but no! He's still looking down and walking into third base! The coach (who happens to be his manager) is telling him to go but Carter's looking at his shoes. By the time he notices, it's too late. And the Paw Sox don't score in the inning, and end up losing by one. Guys like that we need to trade. My theory is that maybe after getting a taste of the majors, he's just done "trying" down on the farm.

[Update: Kelly from Sitting Still informed me that Carter has a hamstring issue. I guess he was just being cautious on the bases.]

Pics from tonight at McCoy and Sunday at Fenway to come.

For what it's worth, Carter's got a hamstring issue--he was scratched before Saturday's game, didn't play Sunday, and I'm sure you noticed he was pulled from your game for a pinch runner in the eighth. My guess is he was looking down because he was in pain. Exempting Michael Bowden (who only has to turn it on every five days) he's the most competitive player I've seen in the Sox system.

"My theory is that maybe after getting a taste of the majors, he's just done "trying" down on the farm."

You have never written anything I've disagreed with as much as this statement.
Well, if you say it's an injury, that would explain the whole thing.

I thought he pulled him after that last double because he wanted a guy who'd hustle, ha.
Chris Carter may have a hamstring issue, but on any given day he limps around like Kirk Gibson or something.

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