Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello, Intraleague Play

Interleague play gives us one last kick in the ass as the Mets get swept by the Yanks--the "microcosm" being when the Mets had K-Rod throw a first-pitch strike to Jeter with Rivera on deck and two outs in the ninth, down a run. Do the math on that one. Anyway, he went ahead and threw the next four out of the zone to load the bases...but proceeded to walk Rivera, too, giving the Yanks an insurance run. My eyes just can't roll high enough.

So we're now three games up, but the real season picks up again Monday. No more "Red Sox vs. Llamas" matchups.

There's going to be a show on Ted Williams on HBO on July 15th. Looks like there's some good color footage in there, judging by the previews.

My pictures from DC will go up Monday--for some videos, scroll down.

Clearly, sir, you are too modest to scream, "I told you so!!!" So I'll take on the task of repeating what you wrote back on June 12th or so about the Yankees playing the Mets:

"Every year, the Yanks get to play the Mets six times. And every year, no matter how good either team is or is doing going into the series, Mets fans (and the rest of us) have to watch as big brother takes on little brother. If the Yanks are on a losing streak, well, there are the Mets, waiting to turn it into a winning streak. If the Yanks are winning, well, there are Mets, to cower in fear of their big bro. And the Yanks get this "free parking" spot six times a year, while MLB struggles to find some kind of co-'natural' rival for the Red Sox."

Good thing "the fans love it" - interleague play, or hot dogs and beer at baseball games... don't remember which.
Oh, and I'm the Llamas' on-field manager, if anyone was wondering.
Ha. Hey, that's a good quote:)

I just posted a huge picture post, so unfortunately your comments drop way down....sorry....

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