Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good And Good

I love how Beckett has the good kind of anger these days. As in, "Fuck yeah, I just made the world's first confident, accurate throw from the mound to second base to start a key, late-inning double play." And I love how Derek Lowe had a solid performance, but we still won. Ellsbury made the play of the 24-hour period, though, sliding into the scoreboard.

The other day, after Cano ended the Yanks game by hitting into a double play, Kim and I listened to a lot of Francessa in the car, and got to hear all the bonehead complaining about what the Yanks should have done. The callers had Mike fuming with their "they shoulda bunted" talk. The next day, instead of talking about the next game, people were still talking about that at bat. Well, tonight, with the Yanks down one with one out in the ninth, Cano comes up... and hits into a double play! The tying run wasn't on third this time, but that still made me laugh.

So we're three up again--and hopefully extending it toward double-digits soon.

What a joy listening to Francesa these days, listening to the muttonhead Yankee fans still complaining over whether a bunt should have happened days after a loss. Their suffering brings me joy...
The losses continue to pile up....against bad teams, too!

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