Thursday, June 18, 2009

God Damn It

We lose a five-plus inning game by one run. Braves come in tomorrow.

Nice to hear that Jim Rice and Amelie Benjamin were rooting for the umps to call the game against the Sox so that they could go home.
hey jere i just found this, among many other gems,

i am pretty sure you had posted something along those (side)lines.

jftgd: thanks, that's a cool site. I did do that but in text only...

jfAJM: Didn't hear AB, but heard Rice saying it. Yeah, I wish they'd be like the rest of us and say something like, "gotta get this damn game in, you don't wanna lose like this EVER."
jfJere: To make it even worse, Amelie expressed this sentiment via...yep, you guessed it...Twitter.

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