Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flaude Lodge--Ick!

It nauseates me to hear Orsillo and Roberts talking about how much they love interleague play. But it's even worse to hear that horrible excuse for it: "the fans love it, so they'll keep doing it."

Let me ask you this: Would you go to a game between the Red Sox and Pawtucket? Would you go to tonight's Red Sox game if you found out that it would be an 8-inning game? Or a 10-inning game? Or if you found out some players were cheating? (Oh wait, they are.) Would you go to a home-and-home series where the Red Sox played the Celtics in basketball one night and in baseball the next night? Would you go to a game between the Red Sox and a team of trained chimps? Llamas?

For me, and for almost every baseball fan, the answer to all those questions is Yes.

But would you want any of those games to count in the standings?

I rest my case.


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