Sunday, June 07, 2009

D.O. It

I didn't do a very good job of promoting this before, so, again, I offer you, my Don Orsillo T-shirt, for sale here.

I'm at Fenway today, Monster-style. Pics to follow.

Jere -
Saw your name on the scoreboard for the "welcome to the following RSN members" in the 5th.
Also meant to ask - now that it's June, were they still doing the Family Hour food prices? I didn't make it there early enough to check.
I was on the board? Get the freak outta here! Was every RSN member on there? Why me? Ironically enough, since I got the error message when they scanned my card like always, I actually said something to the guy and he "made a note of it." I wonder if that had something to do with it. As far as I know, that's the first time my name's ever been on the board. (Also, I never check, I could have won the seat upgrade thing every time--today I didn't need it since I was on the Monster anyway.)

Family hour still going on, and they actually had an old woman at the gate handing out little fliers and telling everyone about it. She seemed to be hired just for this, and possibly from Maine--not the standard uniformed Fenway employee.
Between innings in the top (or middle? or bottom?) of the fifth they do a thing on the scoreboard welcoming some first-timers. Then they say "The Red Sox welcome the following RSN members" and have 2 screens of 5 names each, right before they announce the "grand prize" winners (we asked once - the grand prize is memorabilia/game-used stuff). I assume they're randomly picked from the people who scan their cards.

My friend's name was up there in April when she still had the temp card that they can't scan, and she had them write it down at the RSN booth.

I didn't have time to scan my card today because I went in a different gate and never made it all the way around. So I was watching in the 5th, thinking "Whay am I looking? It's not like I'm going to see anyone I know"... and then there you were.

And I'm going to be paranoid all season that I won the seat upgrade the day I sat under the scoreboard and couldn't see it!

Yay for Family Hour continuing... and yay for people from Maine. (I guess the guy who tells people they're not taking BP was too hungover to make it in today?)
Ha. Since it was Sunday I knew if I saw him, I'd hear him say his dumb joke, but I didn't see him there at all.

Cool, so I was one of 10! Awesome. I was also right behind the scholar kids who dropped the banner, so I think I was on the board in face AND name in the same game! (I could see the board, but through a light tower, so I couldn't tell if I was on. I took a pic which I've yet to check.)

I'd hope grand prize winners are notified later if they don't notice during the game.

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