Friday, June 19, 2009

Dice's Rough Start Takes Over This Post

A-Rod (who hasn't homered in a real ballpark since that one he hit in his first at bat) benched tonight.

Carl Beane on the first page of Rolling Stone! (In the background of a Phish at Fenway shot. At least I think it's him. And I only get Rolling Stone because....well, for some reason, it started coming to my house, and it won't stop, despite accompanying warnings and deceiving offers made to look like bills.)

Dice-K gives up homer on first pitch of the game just now. Oy.

Don't those Smith & Wollensky ads remind you of The Shining a little bit?

Dice-K gives up a hit to the second guy. Oy again.

Dice-K gives up a double to the third guy. What the effing eff?? Again on the first pitch! It's time to let Dice just be himself. No pitch count, pitch however you normally do, not worrying about how "hard to watch" it is. I'd rather win. Then again, he used to pitch only once a --- and he walks the fourth guy. I'll see ya later...

John Smoltz, Clay Buchholz....Come On Down!!!

Have fun on the DL, Dice! See you in Ft Myers next February!

Aargh...Smith and Wollensky...I helped open the one down here in DC in ' was a horror show, although I'm not sure the Shining is accurate. Maybe "Rosemary's Baby," if the baby had been a bottle of Grand Marnier...
We just always feel like we're Jack Nicholson, and the guy at the end is welcoming us to that weird 1920s world from the end of the movie. The way he says "nice to see you again," we, the viewers, are meant to feel like we've always been the caretaker.....

But either way, it's scary and weird.

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