Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dadz Day

I actually got an email reminding me of today's game which I bought tickets to. This is the first time this has happened, and I've gone to a lot of games this year. I wonder if it'll be the new thing...

Dice-K will not make his next start, and that's all they're sayin' about that...

I'm off to Fenway with dad...there's no catch on the field this year, just a walk on the track, so I don't know if we'll even do it. That's terrible--the team goes on the road after this, you'd think they'd let us out there. Three days' worth of hippies on the field for Phish/Dave Matthews shows just a few weeks ago, but we have to stay on the warning track. Boooooo!

you coming down to dc this week?
I hope you and your Dad enjoyed Green's walkoff HR. I want to see him keep playing shortstop for us.

Tito said that Daisuke might be on the DL for MONTHS! Thank goodness for Mr. Smoltz.
Matty: Yes.

Peter: Yes, enjoyment was attained.

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