Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Contest Over!

The Rays, once a front-runner, but stagnant for a long time at one total away, have scored the 12 they need to complete the cycle and take second place in our contest. (And neither the Nats or Astros came within one by this point, so the result of the suspended game will have no effect on the contest.) Rebecca gets second prize. Reb, I was about to e-mail you anyway....

(Contest is officially over when the Dodgers game ends--they're going to extras with four runs, needing 13, and it's 1:19 AM and I'm going to bed. Sorry, Kara, I'm banking on them not scoring exactly nine more runs.) (Update: contest officially over. Phils first, Rays second--hey, just like last year's baseball season! Weird...)

Now, the question is, do I still see this thing through and keep track of games every night to see when other teams complete the cycle? It's an addiction now, checking every night--and it's easier these days, just checking for double-digits for the most part. I'm sure I'll let ya know. Thanks for playin' everybody. Now to finally send out some prizes.

YAY!!! that's funny; I was about to e-mail you, too.
Nice. And the Dodgers did not score 13. So it's officially, completely, 100% over.
Damn, sorry I missed the contest. I'll keep an eye out for the next one.
I'm always doin' stuff like that. Stay tuned.

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