Friday, June 19, 2009

Concerted Effort

I got a letter from the Red Sox saying there's gonna be some big mystery concert on August 5th and 6th. They say it's not even confirmed yet, but that they wanted me to have the resale code ready if all goes as planned. I always get excited about this stuff, till I realize I don't really like any acts that are popular enough to play Fenway. Okay, maybe if it were the Beastie Boys or something, but what are the odds of that? I'll let you know when I find anything out. Or maybe this is one of those things where everybody already knows except me.

I think everybody else does know: it's gonna be Paul McCartney.

I agree that the Beasties would be cool though.
Thought you'd like this.
jfAJM: thanks. Paul McCartney's a Yankee fan, though. He should go play the New Loo. I hope these shows fall through!

jfIsh: Amazingly, someone just sent me the same link, in the comments on the post below this one. I'm glad people think of me when they see that! Thanks.
I don't think they can hold a concert in the new YS...wouldn't all the sound just blow out to right field?

I may have jumped the gun on the Sir Paul announcement...apparently that's still just speculation at this point. He is, however, definitely scheduled to play the first concert in the New Shea in late July, so it would make sense for him to book Fenway dates right after that. I guess there's also some speculation that it might be Springsteen.

Personally I think the Sox should book Neko Case :)
In the letter, they just say the "Artist." Capitalized. So I guess it's one person. It is weird how they talk about "a concert" being on two dates. Like it's gonna be Woodstock '09 or something. Fenstock. No....Woodsock.

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