Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clean Slate?

Final Update, 7:21: Everything's back to the way it was. Forget I said anything. There is something kind of different, but it's very technical. Don't worry about it.

UPDATE, 5:38: Looks like I just caught them in an in-between spot. Now ALL games have Ts, even the weekend ones that had been taken down for months. (Though those weekend ones seem to have no tix available--for now.) All are up except the Yanks August series and the Rays September one. Sorry to alarm you...when you check it as often as I do, sometimes you catch them while they're my question mark in the post title turned out to be valid.

Looks like they've wiped out all the Ts. No more tix available online except for a handful of games. I'm sure they'll still do the homestand-by-homestand dumps, though. And you've always got the phone method. Still, I'm glad I have all the tickets I want for the entire season already....


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