Sunday, June 14, 2009


Looked good for a while, but Sox lose a chimper, 11-6. Mets threw Santana at the Yanks and only lost by 15. So we're up two games, with the Marlins, then Braves, coming to Fenway starting Tuesday.

Well, at least it was an aesthetically pleasing matchup with the Phils' in their great late-40's retro alternative unis. The highlight of the day though was the Pirates and Tigers in their 1909 World Series throwbacks. I absolutely love that stuff. If I ran the Sox, instead of wearing those hideous red and blue alternative tops that make them look like they're playing a spring training exhibition, I'd have two or three Sunday home games each season be throwback games and highlight different home unis from the past 109 years. You could do 1908 (I know they already did this year back in the late 90's, but I'd repeat it), 1912 (1st time 'RED SOX' appeared on the shirt), 1918 all white, 1931 w/the one-sock hat, 1948 w/the zippered front, 1975...
Agreed. The team is doing that one thing absolutely wrong. Conforming to a stupid idea of having these alternate uniforms that nobody likes, but they need to do it for more money on the merch side. Your idea is the way they should go--they'd still make money on alternates, but the designs would be what people already like and wouldn't mind seeing the team wearing.

We really should start a letter-writing campaign, and make this current alt-uni thing a horrible blip on the 100+ year radar. They seem to be listening to fans more now, so we have ways of doing that.

But still tweak whatever the current uni is every few decades so you keep having something to go back to when you do use the alts.
I know Smith is a popular last name, but I didn't think I would go on Twitter and find Two Jere Smiths!
Please tell me neither of them are fake versions of me...

I actually did a post once about other Jere Smiths--there's the ship captain, the artist from Seattle, and the horse trainer.

But yeah, I've got the weirdest first name with the most common last name. All part of my Even Steven-ness.

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