Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Dear Papelbon Panickers: They were cheap hits! Pap loaded the bases, but still got the three outs, and gave up no runs, and we win 5-1. Dice's first win of '09. TC would like you to know that Matsuzaka is who he is. So...is there anyone who is what they aren't? Or isn't what they are?

Yanks beat Texas, Toronto wins, too. So we're still one back, Jays two back.

Well, Cabrera's leadoff single was a solid hit, but yeah, Inge's seeing-eye single was pretty cheap. I thought Josh Anderson was going for the single-AB foul ball record held by Luke Appling or Enos Slaughter or Roy Thomas or somebody. I think Papelbon was just doing his homage to Dice-K. He's had an odd season...can't seem to get a 1-2-3 inning, but his stuff still looks good. Those 35 pitches he threw mean he's unavailable tonight though.
Wasn't the leadoff single a broken bat bloop?
Just watched it again. Paps jammed him, and it was more of a bloop than I remembered, but it still landed in short center. Cabrera took a good rip at the pitch, and it was a clean hit. The bat did break though.
Actually, watching the replay, Granderson did a nice job of hitting too for the 2nd single. But Inge's hit definitely was cheap.
Anderson had a good at-bat with all the foul balls, for sure, but in the end he struck out. "Homage to Dice-K"... heh heh heh!!

Jere, didn't Marty Barrett once have a 14- or 17-pitch at bat? I seem to remember him fouling off a pile of pitches, then grounding out, and tearing up his knee as he crossed first base. I figured since you are our "Data" (but without the pasty complexion), you'd be able to reference this right away.
Ninth inning of this game. I remember the injury, but I didn't remember it was after a long at bat. Nice job. It was 17 pitches.

I also just learned there was another Marty Barrett--played for the Boston Beaneaters in 1884. I had no idea.
When I was a kid I had a Fleer card from the early-70's which claimed that Luke Appling held the single AB foul ball record with 17. When I went to google this, I found that nobody knows definitely who holds the record, because it's not officially tracked. Bill James claims Roy Thomas hit 22 once; I've also seen Slaughter and Jack Ditmar listed as having fouled off over 20. Doesn't sound like there's conclusive evidence on those though.
Hample just mentioned this the other day, saying how Billy Hamilton once fouled off 29 in a row, back when fouls weren't considered strikes. Here's more on that.

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