Friday, June 12, 2009

8-Pack O' Whoop-ass

It just gets better every day! For the fifth time in 2009 I was at Fenway for a Sox-Yanks game, and for the fifth time the Sox win in some kind of ultra-sweet or uber-amazing fashion. Six for six at home on the season, and eight for eight overall against the Yankees. We're two games ahead in first place. Above is the video of Bay's game-tying single, followed by Lowell's sac fly to give us the lead. It was a rainy dance party in the bleachers (I was in an almost identical spot to the one from the game where Bay rocked Mo in the ninth), culminating in the 'I Like Baseball' guy two-fisting it sign-wise, a first as far as I've noticed.

Girardi handed us that game when he left in Sabathia to face Drew. CC had pitched a fantastic game, but was clearly cooked by that point. Amazing that he never brought in Mariano at any point that inning even though he hadn't pitched the entire've gotta get those outs right there instead of playing by the book and saving him for a ninth inning that never came. Well, at least he's well-rested for the Metsies. And it was really funny to see Gardner waive off Damon on that sac fly and then uncork an even worse throw than Johnny Noodle-Arm would have...
Oh, and one other thing...did somebody drop Nick Swisher on his head?
No, he's just not that great a ballplayer:)

It was funny seeing how he was all the way on third--and the other runner was at second, but in more of a "I can make it back" way.

I hadn't thought of that, how Mo did not pitch at all in the series.

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