Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Two and a half hours, and the Marlins are toast. Every time Wake pitches a record-breakingly fast game, I think of Wallace Matthews, and his famous "Wakefield takes forever" article. Wake is getting closer to 192--the all-time Red Sox win mark. And Papi with another up-shutting dong.

Wow, we're the first game to end in MLB.

10:06: Yanks win, 5-3.

Did you hear Kazoo Guy? YOu can't really hear the kazoo on TV, but you can hear the fans around him doing the "hey"s. I heard them clearly after the third run. Since he has the Tuesday 10-game plan and I have the Mon/Wed/Sat one, I know that when I hear him, my game will often be the next day. And it is. I get Brad Penny again. Which lately seems to be a good thing. (And it'll be Fenway's 500th consecutive sellout!)

Papi coming out of this slump really makes me nervous as a Yankee fan. Adn Wakefield becoming the Sox wins leader is amazing. The guy's been pitching for like 120 years and he's always good for 14-15 wins. One of the top knuckleballers the league has seen.

Good stuff man
I never doubted Papi. And Wake isn't at 192 yet, but he should be there by 2011, but at this rate, 2010.

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