Wednesday, June 03, 2009

1st Place

Added to post: Here's a pic I took on the FDR Drive on Sunday. As you know one of my loyal readers is "AJM," and when I saw this plate featuring his name and the date coming up five days later, I had to get the shot. So, now it's 6/4/09--this one's for you AJM!

Very weird ending to a game that was 10-0 in the eighth. Josh loses his no-hitter with two outs in the seventh. Then we tack on a bunch of runs in a long eighth, making it 10-0. But Josh comes back out for some reason. Pretty soon, Bard's in, we're making errors left and right, Youk is going nuts because...a runner stepped near him? And before you knew it it was 10-5, and now Lowell's ejected and the ump has completely stopped giving a strike call to any Sox pitcher.

But we hold on, and at the exact same time, Texas gets the last out against the Yanks, in a game where the Rangers were giving the Yanks all kinds of chances, but they could never capitalize. 4-2 final. (And A-Rod booed. Some "spark" the Yanks have going for them, eh?) So we move back into a first place tie with NY, and the Jays lose, so they're 2 back.

Granderson should have been called out in the 8th for failing to check his swing on the pitch before his triple...horrible call by the third base ump. That would have made the ninth much less stressful. And, as you note, Saito was getting squeezed at the end.
The pitch before the double--Josh's second hit--I believe also should've been strike three.

Oh crap, I've got a surprise for you! I mean, AJM specifically--I will add it to the post. I almost forgot!
No wait, I have to wait till midnight to post it....
Now I'm all worked up with anticipation!
Stepped near? Try stepped on. Fortunately it doesn't sound serious: bruised, but not spiked.
OK, now you've got me curious.
I'll have to check back after midnight.
fc: It just appeared like he barely was touched. I don't even think he was stepped on. Looked like a little kick. I mean, they did say afterwards that he was not spiked--if he wasn't spiked, he wasn't stepped on. Unless the very toe landed on his foot in front of the front spike.
It's up. Close enough.
Ha! Fantastic Jere, thank you. Made even more appropriate by the fact that I'm spending the day in NYC (typing this on the train). I've seen a fair # of 'AJM' plates over the years, but they're always NY State, never CT.
I was watching the NESN feed, and I couldn't tell what Youk was all freaked out about, because it looked exactly like you describe - the guy stepped NEAR him. I was worried that the stretch he was in to get the ball had pulled something.

I switched over to the ESPN feed on my other tuner, rewound a bit (seriously - was there life before DVRs?), and they had a good angle. The runner's right foot gets the bag, but it's WAY to the left side of the base, and his left foot comes across, in the air, and catches Youk's heel/ankle with a little kick.

Youk's initial reaction seemed like he thought it was worse than it turned out to be - like when you twist an ankle at the beach and for a fleeting moment you think it's sprained because you just got over another sprained ankle and it's like 2 days before senior prom and you're going with the girl you really wanted to go with and you're driving your dad's Corvette and if you can't go out there and dance with her it's going to be a really sucky night and...


Woah... Serious 1988 flashback there...

I'm guessing since the blogs aren't all about Youk this morning that he's OK.
Jere, it's nice to have the universe back in order with the Sox in first place.

And watching the replays it looked like Youk got caught with a spike. Dude can blow his gasket with the best of 'em.
AJM-no prob limo. I was following the CT license plate set-up for years--our old cars had AB-1234, then when they got to ZZ, they changed the format to 123-ABC. So an AJM would've come back then. By '92 I remember a friend getting an HZO and my sister then got JAR. So people who registered plates around the time of Rob's prom incident above were in the AJM range.

Whereas it was I think the mid-late 90s when NY went to the ABC-1234 format--I remember seeing a lot of A's.

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