Saturday, June 06, 2009

1st Place Again

We moved back into first thanks to Wicked Sid Lester, who was perfect through six point one. Too bad he couldn't get a shutout, but he did get a complete game. Papi with the shortest dong you can hit--but he has been swinging fine lately. He's fine. Fine.

Still waiting ever so patiently for a second team to complete the 0-13 cycle in our contest, so one of you can claim second prize. Eight teams are one total away. The Red Sox finally scored one run in a game on Friday, so the only number below seven not scored by a team is 0, by the Yanks. The Pirates, Cubs, Mariners, White Sox, Red Sox, and Tigers are the only other teams with a single-digit total not yet reached. All the other teams have scored every total between 0 and 9.

Today's event didn't draw too many people, which will happen on a beautiful day, but we did get to sign all of the Bookworm's copies of the book, and we're hoping they'll be able to sell them for Father's Day. If you're looking for an unpersonalized, signed copy, go to the Bookworm in West Hartford.

Hi Jere,

Couldn't make it to your CT signings, really wanted to. We used to work together in Danbury (I was one of 3 sox fans there, the only female sox fan there!). Just leaving a comment to say hey, and I enjoyed the book.

Wow, I'm glad you found me! I will post here any time I have a signing, we're always scheduling new ones. The next one will be eastern CT in July I think....

Are you still working there?
Yep, 10 years now...I got a mortgage to pay, ya know?

These days it's all shuttling files back and forth to India, at least in my dept.

The Yankee fans seem to have gone in hiding in the office, LOL. Dan (the other sox fan) says hey!

Ah yes, Antaares....

Please say hi to Dan for me! I remember this blog being in its early stages while I worked there--I think I left in June '05--but I made the call not to tell anybody about it at the time for some reason.

Who else is still there from my day? Byron? Al? Mirta? Joss? Bill Walsh? Karen Treat? Irene? Ilene? Sue G/K? And her daughter?
Still there: Byron and Joss (and her mom Vickie), Scott K, Mirta, Aileen, Irene (who is semi retired now) and Arlene, Brian O., Sue G/K/D (her husband passed and she got remarried) and her daughter Kristina who is on maternity leave right now.

Karen Treat, and Al have left, as did Neil amd Mary. Bill W finally retired from working life end of last year.

Who needs facebook!?

Thanks for the update.

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